The Graph's Instadapp Sub Graph Bounty

The Graph's Instadapp Sub Graph Bounty


The information below is from The Graph, to apply for their Bounty please complete this form and reach out to their team!


The Graph is an indexing network that is composed of open-source APIs called subgraphs. Subgraphs are built by thousands of developers around the world, with over 12K deployed in the lifetime of The Graph's hosted service. Please review the minimum requirements here:

Instadapp Sub-graph Requirements

The Graph community is seeking an Instadapp Subgraph to be built and open-sourced for the Web3 ecosystem.

The Graph's Requirements for a complete Sub-Graph

  • Proposal to design and build a subgraph schema and deploy the subgraph:
  • Design the manifest, schema and mapping file and receive feedback from community or potential users on the mappings and the subgraph's usefulness
  • Develop subgraph and conduct testing, follow resourcing below for best practices on subgraph development including assessing splitting the subgraph into multiple
  • Conduct user interviews or feedback from potential integrators (eg. dapps)
  • Ensure the subgraph is complete, accurate and complex enough to be used by high-quality dapps in the Web3 ecosystem
  • Must be open sourced upon completion
  • Designed and built subgraph schema and manifest and deployed subgraph on The Graph's hosted service
  • Publicize subgraph on the Graph Explorer, subgraph open sourced
  • Documentation or tips for the subgraph to support integrators
  • Documentation or tips for Indexers to support syncing the subgraph
  • Optional: blog post or social sharing about the new subgraph to encourage integrators (The Graph Foundation will also support to circulate the new subgraph with the developer community)