CONCEPT Quests Are prolonged assignments to the Instadapp DAO with multiple tasks to complete.

Partner with Rabbithole.gg? Rabbithole leverages BrightID to keep the quest sybil resistant and has already done several quests with popular projects such as PoolTogether and Uniswap. The Uniswap Quest lasted for a few days before 500 unique people completed the quest and received 2 $UNI and an NFT. 500-1000 new users, some of whom may have existing positions in Compound, Aave, or MakerDAO they could migrate over as one of the tasks.

Task 1: Create Instadapp DSA v.2

Task 2: Migrate a MakerDAO, Aave V2, Compound position into Instadapp

Task 3: Provide liquidity to Instadapp Pool