Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see my assets after creating the Instadapp Account

The Instadapp account is a unique smart wallet owned by your main Ethereum address. The Instadapp platform loads the loads the smart wallet you will need to deposit assets into it to use.

You can use your Instadapp address on any account viewer to see the account outside of Instadapp.

I don’t see my Compound/Maker/AAVE position on the native DApp dashboard anymore after importing

The native DApps read and load data from your primary wallet; the DeFi Smart Account is a separate unique smart wallet owned by your main Ethereum address. At this time outside DApps may not see those positions. You can however use any account explorer by inputting your unique DSA address.

⚡ Zapper.fi - https://zapper.fi/

Note: If you load a wallet that controls a DSA in Zerion, Zerion will read the first DeFi Smart Account associated with the address and display it. For any additional accounts enter the specific account address.

We are building code to make the DSA more accessible outside of the Instadapp platform.

📺 Zerion.io - https://zerion.io/

Wallet misloading or getting stuck between networks or simulation mode:

If you used the simulator or switched networks a lot; the interface may get stuck between your settings; complete a hard disconnect and re-connect your wallet.

The Instadapp DApp may have difficulty working alongside other browser wallets; we recommend using a separate browser for your Metamask usage. (Known Issue with Binance Smart Wallet, please disable)

How to close your Instadapp account?

The Instadapp account or DeFi Smart Account is a smart contract wallet and once created it cannot be destroyed.

MakerDAO Specific Questions

What is the 'Minimum Debt Requirement'?


Minimum Debt Requirement is the amount of DAI that must be generated to open and maintain the Maker Vault. The minimum is a requirement, meaning any action would lead the vault to have less than 500 DAI owed is not executable.

Can I pay a portion of my Maker Loan?

You can make partial payments to your Maker Vault as long as it maintains the minimum debt requirement of 5000 DAI.

Where can I see more information about the Maker system?

The Maker protocol has several dashboards that can help you understand the system's parameters, debt limits, rates, etc.

🔢 Daistats -

🔥 Makerburn -

Polygon FAQs

How do I migrate back to Ethereum Network?

Currently the bridges are one-way. There is on-going development to create a two-way bridge that will be able to migrate back and forth from Matic and Mainnet. You can use the native Matic Bridge to move your assets back to Ethereum Mainnet.

How long does the Migration transaction take?

The migration transaction takes up to 30 minutes after its been confirmed once on the Ethereum network.

What happens to my non-supported AAVE Polygon Assets?

You cannot migrate assets that are not supported on the AAVE Polygon Market; these balances will remain in your Ethereum Instadapp Account. You can utilize the Collateral Swap Strategy if you need to change one of your supplied asset types.