Authority Framework

Authority Framework

Currently all added Authorities gain full access to the DeFi Smart Account

DeFi Smart Accounts have advanced permissions that allow different levels of access to the account.

When a DSA is created, the wallet that initiated its creations becomes the initial Authority. The DSA can have additional Authorities or additional addresses that can access some or all of the account. Currently there is only one level of access: Authority (Full Access)

Differentiated Account Access

Authorities are the Ethereum addresses that can access the DSA. Currently only Authorities are able to request withdrawals from the DSA. The Authority Framework allows for the creation of different account types each with its own set of permissions and access levels.


Account Types WIP

  • Fund Manager: Managers can place transactions within protocols, but cannot withdraw assets out of the account; Managers can leverage accounts, save positions and add funds.
  • Stake Manager: Stake manager autonomously creates and stakes different tokens in the ecosystem to generate yield and rewards, Stake Managers would not be able to withdraw funds from the account.
  • Yield Manager: A protocol leverages the funds in accounts to create yield; paying a consistent return to the account; Yield Managers would not be able to withdraw funds from the account.
  • Payee/Allowance/Subscription: A payee can withdraw a set amount of tokens from the account within a limited time frame, or a set amount each month, etc.
  • Recovery Agent: Adds a smart contract that detects usage of the DSA; after the account has not been used in X amount of time; the recovery agent adds a pre-set address as an authority.
  • Guardian: A smart contract or implemented protocol for recovering the account using a recovery method; this could include social recovery.

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