Claim LUSD Staking Gains to Stability Pool


This recipe takes LUSD gains from LQTY staking and moves them to the Stability Pool

const moveLusdGainToStabilityPoolRecipe = (dsa, frontendTagAddress) => {
  const spells = dsa.Spell()
  const lusdGainId = 1; // ID reference to the LUSD amount that is claimed
  const claimStakingGainsSpell = {
    connector: "LIQUITY-A",
    method: "claimStakingGains",
    args: [0, lusdGainId]
  const depositLusdIntoStabilityPoolSpell = {
    connector: "LIQUITY-A",
    method: "stabilityDeposit",
    args: [
      0, // Amount to deposit. We don't specify an amount here, instead we use the reference to the LUSD gained from the previous spell
      lusdGainId, // The reference to the LUSD gained in the previous spell

  await spells.cast() // Executes the recipe of spells on the user's DSA account