Withdraw Maker Vault

This Spell can be used to withdraw a Maker Vault back to the owner address. Maker Vaults withdrawn this way will require an update to the vault settings before it is visible on Oasis.

* Spell to Withdraw Maker Vault back to Owner Address

console.log('Connected address', USER_ADDRESS)

const dsaWallets = await dsa.getAccounts(USER_ADDRESS)

// If you don't have a Instadapp DeFi Smart Account
if (dsaWallets.length == 0) return alert("Create a DSA")

const vault = "#####"
const OwnerAddr = "0xOWNERADDRESS"
let spells = new dsa.Spell()

// Transfer Vault back to Metamask
  connector: "MAKERDAO-A",
  method: "transfer",
  args: [vault, OwnerAddr]

// keep adding spells across DeFi protocols to execute.

console.log("Transaction hash:",
  await dsa.cast({