How to add an Authority to your DSA

You can add additional accounts to your DeFi Smart Account (DSA). You may want to do this to access the account with a different address, for account management or to create a backup to your account.

Table of Contents

1) Open the Account Authority Page

The Authority page can be accessed in the side panel, under DSA Tools find Authority


2) Authority Page

The Authority page will display all DSAs associated with the currently signed on account. You can select between the various accounts.

In the middle section you will see the DSA Address, its DSA#, and its address in QR Form The current authorities are listed in the bottom section.


3) Select Account and Add new Authority

Select the DSA you would like to add an authority. You may only have one account created so it will be highlighted.

In the Authorities section, add the address of the new authority and click ADD to submit the transaction.


4) New Authority has been added!

After the transaction confirms you will see the new owner listed under Authorities.

You can further confirm the added authority, by using the added account to log into the DSA.


Removing an Authority

Unlike Adding an Authority, removing them is riskier please take extra precaution when removing accounts. DSA accounts are non-custodian so Instadapp cannot recover your account if you accidentally remove your own access to your own account. The interface will not let you remove the last remaining Authority to an account.

1) Locate the Account you want to remove as Authority

On the Authority Page located under DSA Tools find the Authorities section.


2) Remove Authority

Once you have located the authority you would like to remove, click the Trash Can next to its address and you will be prompted to submit a transaction. Once this tx confirms the associated account will be removed.


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