How to manage an LP on Uniswap v3

Learn how to create, manage and utilize the Uniswap v3 Interface

Table of Contents

Getting Started

You can start utilizing Uniswap by creating a new position or by importing an existing LP Position. This guide shows how to manage an existing position. For more help in creating your first LP see this guide.

Import External Position

If your connected wallet has a Uniswap LP position you can import into your DSA in one click. You will also fine the export feature here. The Export feature will send the LP to the connected wallet.


Create a Position

You can create a new LP using the Balances in your DSA account. If you never created a Uniswap LP position see this guide for help in creating your first LP.


Managing Uniswap LP Positions

In the interface you will find information regarding each NFT’s liquidity, earned fees, its current composition and if it currently in range.

Find the NFT you would like to manage and click the [...] to open the context menu.

You can remove or add liquidity to the current LP. If you have pending rewards they will automatically be claimed during this process.

Fees accrued by the position can also be collected by using Collect Fee


📊 Visual Graphs of Position

Under each position you will find a [^] carrot button, this will expand the NFT position screen and display a visualization of the LP Position. You can adjust the view by different time frames or view the positions lower and upper ranges of the position.


🦄 Uniswap Staking Features

Uniswap v3 has a built in staking mechanism for different projects and tokens to distribute rewards for providing active liquidity on Uniswap v3. This feature is integrated and active for our INST/ETH pool for Mainnet. You will find these functions in the context menu [...] Active Liquidity is any LP that is currently in range. Users need to Stake before earning rewards. You can receive your rewards at any time by using Claim.

Unstaking the LP will automatically claim any outstanding rewards.