Metamask + Hardware Issues Guide

Metamask + Hardware Issues Guide


Metamask 10.1.0 solves this issue on Chrome + Metamask + Ledger (needs 2.0 or higher) for all other combinations please continue below.

Metamask 10.0.2 is currently having issues with Hardware Wallets: Trezor and Ledger. The following are some solutions to accessing using your Hardware Wallet.

If you are unsure of the error, you can open the Console and this issue appears as follows:

Table of Contents

Easier Options

🔥 Install another Browser with the older Metamask pre-EIP-1559 version 9.8.4

  1. Download Firefox and install into your computer.
  2. Visit the Firefox Add-ons (, find Metamask and locate the Version History to see older versions
  3. image
  4. Find and download the older 9.8.4 Metamask; if you are using Firefox it will install automatically
  5. image
  6. Configure Metamask to load your Ledger Address

For Windows Only: If you already have Firefox installed; or are looking for temporary application you can delete easily, you can try downloading Firefox Portable from

👝 Use another Wallet Software to connect with your Ledger

The issue is specifically with the latest version of Metamask, you can use another wallet to ineract with your hardware wallet.

Rabby Wallet is a wallet designed for DeFi applications, with great support for L2s and sidechains, works with Trezor and Ledger highly functional.

Liquality Wallet

Liquiality is a powerful wallet with build in Atomic Swaps; this wallet only works with Ledger Live Addresses with no support for Trezor

Instructions for Liquality Wallet

  1. Download and install the Liquality Wallet
  2. Disable Metamask (or enable Liquality as the only extension in Incognito Mode)
  3. In the settings of Liquality, enable Liquality as the default Web3 Wallet: Enable Default Web3 Wallet
  4. image
  5. To connect your Ledger on the top right click Account and then Hardware
  6. image
  7. This will load your Ledger accounts (Note this application by default searches for Addresses in the newer Ledger derivation path)
  8. Utilize Instadapp as you would normally.

Advanced Options

⏬ Downgrade your MetaMask to the pre-EIP-1559 version 9.8.4

1. go to brave://extensions/ or chrome://extensions/ 2. switch on Developer Mode 3. disable current MetaMask extension 4. download the 9.8.4 zip file from:

5. drag and drop that zip file in your browser window 6. MetaMask installation procedure should pop up: configure for your Ledger Use this old extension for the time being, use the average gas price as seen at

🔧 When will this be fixed?

The problem lies with EIP-1559 and Metamask. There is an issue with how Hardware Wallets communicate the transaction via Metamask. Please see this Commit on the Metamask GitHub for more updates:

Still, have questions? Reach out to the team on Discord or via Email.