Setting up Metamask for Polygon

In order to use secondary networks on Metamask. You will need to add a service provider known as an RPC to connect to these chains. You an also try using alternative wallets that will handle Polygon Network settings for you. On desktop you can use Rabby.io or on mobile Trust Wallet or Orange Wallet.

Table of Contents

1) Open the Network Selection on Metamask

Open your Metamask extension. Click where you see Ethereum Mainnet to open up a list of alternative networks.


2) Select Custom RPC

Click on Custom RPC to enter custom network settings.


3) Enter Polygon Network Details

Enter the following information. You can find more RPC providers here.

We recommend the RPC Polygon-RPC because it aggregates multiple RPC services and has high reliability.

Network Name: Polygon New RPC URL: https://polygon-rpc.com/ Chain ID: 137 Currency Symbol: MATIC Block Explorer: https://polygonscan.com/

Click SAVE to save the new network.


4) Your connected to Polygon!

Thats it! You know are on the Polygon Network! Remember to change network on Metamask to match with the network you want to use.


On Instadapp you can locate the Network button on the top info bar. Click and select the Polygon to get started.

Getting MATIC for the first time on Polygon

Getting GAS on a new network can be hard. Here are some options for getting native MATIC.

  1. Transfer ERC20 Matic using the Native Matic Bridge: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge
  2. Get a few MATIC using a Faucet like: https://matic.supply/ If you get a few MATIC this way remember to quickly get some more GAS as faucets only give enough for a few transactions.
  3. Convert Tokens using Matic's Gas Service: https://wallet.polygon.technology/swap You will need some ERC20 on Polygon to convert to MATIC
  4. Ask a Friend or on Discord. 'Friends onboard Friends 🤗'

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