What is Polygon Network?*

What is Polygon Network?*

What is Polygon Network?

Polygon Network a side chain for increased capacity and lower costs


Polygon is a protocol and framework for connecting Ethereum compatible blockchains. Polygon also operates a hybrid Proof of Stake and Plasma sidechains.

DApps and tokens from Ethereum can be deployed on the Polygon Network for increased throughput and scaling. Polygon is the first cross chain deployment of Instadapp.

Instadapp goes Cross-Chain with Polygon Network


Instadapp contracts are cross-chain compatible and users can create Instadapp accounts on the Polygon Network. Accounts are blockchain specific, but are controlled by the same owner address.

Sister Chains and Side Chains

Polygon is both a side chain and sister chain to Ethereum. Sister Chains share keypairs with Ethereum. The owner address on Ethereum can also access its any number of sister chains, for example: Polygon, XDAI and Optimism.

DApps on other Chains and Alternative Markets

DApps on different chains may operate different or use their own parameters. For Example the AAVE Market on Polygon is a separate market that contains its own lending and borrowing rates and assets on AAVE Ethereum market do not affect AAVE rates on Polygon and vice-versa.

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