Step by Step Account Creation

Step by Step Account Creation

This guide will show you how to create an account and deposit your first asset into your DeFi Smart Account.

To get started you will need:

  • Internet Browser
  • a web3 wallet (we recommend Metamask)

Learn More about Instadapp

If this is your first time using Instadapp we recommend checking our Quick Knowledge Guide which will familiarize you our platform and concepts.

Quick Knowledge Guide

Simulation Mode

You can also try the platform without creating an account by using Simulation Mode

Table of Contents

Account Creation

1) Create an account on

To use Instadapp you will need to create a DeFi Smart Account (DSA) you can create a DSA on either Ethereum or Polygon. Set your wallet network to Polygon if you would like to create a Polygon account.

Connect your wallet to and the side panel will open and ask you to create a new account.


2) Submit the Account Creation TX

The DSA is a non-custodial smart contract wallet users generte their own Smart Account. The wallet that generated the Smart Account becomes that accounts owner. You use your regular metamask wallet to access your new DSA.


3) Wait for tx to confirm

Please wait for the transaction to confirm, once it confirms your new account will load.

Thats it! You've created your first DeFi Smart Account. You can find your account number in the top right.


Locate and find your unique DSA Address

Let's find our new DSA address and begin depositing assets into our new account. You can locate your new address on the Deposit screen.

There are a few ways for you to fund your account:


Ethereum and Polygon DSA addresses are chain specific, if you send Mainnet funds to your Polygon DSA those funds will be lost!!!


Deposit Assets into your account using the GUI deposit

1) Open Deposit Tab

On the interface click the Deposit button and the Deposit tab will open.


The Deposit tab will open


2) Select Asset

Find the asset to be deposited and click Deposit.


3) Enter Withdrawal Amount

Enter the amount of the token to be deposited


Or click the Set Max button to deposit the entire available balance


4) Submit Withdrawal Transaction

Confirm the deposit transaction on Metamask


Once the transaction confirms, the updated balance will be reflected on the interface